. Vermont-Killington . Vermont-Killington
Ride Guide hooks up with the locals for some lift accessed at Killington.

. Vermont-Rutland . Vermont-Rutland
Ride Guide checks out the trails around Rutland, Vermont.

. Vermont-Pittsfield . Vermont-Pittsfield
Ride Guide checks out the epic 666 race from Pittsfield, Vermont.

. Vermont-East Burke . Vermont-East Burke
Ride Guide heads to Vermont to check out the trails around East Burke.

. Bike Parks BC-Whistler . Bike Parks BC-Whistler
Ride Guide finishes off it?????s tour in whistler, best bike park on the planet.

. Bike Parks BC-Sun Peaks   Mt. Washington . Bike Parks BC-Sun Peaks Mt. Washington
Ride Guide hits up the bike parks at Sun Peaks and Mount Washington.

. Bike Parks BC-Kicking Horse   Silver Star . Bike Parks BC-Kicking Horse Silver Star
Ride Guide hits up the gnar of the Horse and the flow of the Star.

. Bike Parks BC-Panorama . Bike Parks BC-Panorama
Ride Guide road trip hitting up the best Bike Parks in BC starting in Panorama.

. Whistler-Crankworx Slopestyle . Whistler-Crankworx Slopestyle
The best mountain bikers in the world battle it out in the Whistler Boneyard.

. Whistler-Whistler Bike Guides . Whistler-Whistler Bike Guides
Whistler Bike Guides know all the hidden trails around the Whistler Valley.

. Whistler-Crankworx Festival . Whistler-Crankworx Festival
Ride Guide heads to Whistler for Crankworx, the best bike festival around.

. Maui-Kahului . Maui-Kahului
Jay and Darcy check out the trails near Kahului and sample some local wines.

. Maui-Lahaina . Maui-Lahaina
Jay and Darcy get their surf on and check out some trails near Lahaina.

. Sea to Sky-Tyax Resort . Sea to Sky-Tyax Resort
Ride Guide shuttles with a float plane up to Tyax Resort north of Whistler.

. Sea to Sky-Norco Launch . Sea to Sky-Norco Launch
Ride Guide hits up Whistler for the Norco Bike Launch.

. Sea to Sky-Test of Metal . Sea to Sky-Test of Metal
Ride Guide heads down the Sea to Sky highway to Squamish for the epic classic.

. Sea to Sky-SAINT Launch . Sea to Sky-SAINT Launch
Ride Guide heads back to Whistler for the Shimano SAINT Launch.

. Nevada-Cactus Cup . Nevada-Cactus Cup
Ride Guide heads to Las Vegas, Nevada for the reincarnation of the Cactus Cup.

. Nevada-Interbike . Nevada-Interbike
Ride Guide checks out all the new gear at Interbike.

. Nevada-Red Rock Part 1 . Nevada-Red Rock Part 1
Ride Guide heads to Red Rock Canyon with the Rocky crew.

. Nevada-Red Rock Part 2 . Nevada-Red Rock Part 2
Nevada-Red Rock Part 2 More desert trails from Red Rock with Wade Simmons, Dre and Gully.

. Utah-Hurricane Part 1 . Utah-Hurricane Part 1
Ride Guide sets up base in Hurricane, Utah with some of the Rocky crew.

. Utah-Hurricane Part 2 . Utah-Hurricane Part 2
Wade and Dre hit up some classic Utah trails and the others rest up for Rampage

. Utah-Red Bull Rampage Part 1 . Utah-Red Bull Rampage Part 1
Ride Guide heads to Virgin for the re-evolution of Red Bull Rampage.

. Utah-Red Bull Rampage Part 2 . Utah-Red Bull Rampage Part 2
Red Bull Rampage continues after some weather delays and Sorge impresses.

. Maui-Haleakala Volcano . Maui-Haleakala Volcano
Jay and Darcy catch an early morning sunrise while cruising Haleakala Volcano.

. Maui-Makawao . Maui-Makawao
Ride Guide heads to Maui with Norco riders Jay Hoots and Darcy Turenne.

. BC Bike Race-Part 4 . BC Bike Race-Part 4
BC Bike Race-Part 4 The final legs of the BC Bike Race finishing up in Whistler.

. BC Bike Race-Part 3 . BC Bike Race-Part 3
BC Bike Race-Part 3 The travelling circus of the BC Bike Race keeps rolling.

. BC Bike Race-Part 2 . BC Bike Race-Part 2
BC Bike Race-Part 2 More epic single track up the coast of Vancouver Island.

. BC Bike Race-Part 1 . BC Bike Race-Part 1
BC Bike Race-Part 1 Ride Guide covers the BC Bike Race from Vancouver Island to Whistler.

. Whistler-Whistler Bike Park   Trails . Whistler-Whistler Bike Park Trails
Riding the Whistler Bike Park and some lesser known trails around Whistler.

. Mount Washington Bike  . Mount Washington Bike
Norco Team riders Dylan Korba and Darcy Turenne at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island.

. Sun Peaks Bike Park . Sun Peaks Bike Park
Norco Team riders Jay Hoots, Dylan Korba and Darcy Turenne check out the trails at Sun Peaks.

. Silver Star Bike Park . Silver Star Bike Park
Norco Team riders Jay Hoots, Dylan Korba and Darcy Turenne ride the trails in Silver Star near Vernon, BC.

. Kicking Horse Bike Park . Kicking Horse Bike Park
Norco Team riders Jay Hoots, Dylan Korba and Darcy Turenne ride the Epic terrain at Kicking Horse Resort in Golden, BC.

. Le Tour De Bowness-Stage 1 . Le Tour De Bowness-Stage 1
Stage 1 of le Tour De Bowness, the Hill Climb at COP.

. Le Tour De Bowness-Stage 2 . Le Tour De Bowness-Stage 2
The second stage of Le Tour De Bowness, the Criterium around the streets of Bowness.

. Le Tour De Bowness-Stage 3 . Le Tour De Bowness-Stage 3
The third stage of Le Tour De Bowness, the Road Race near Bearspaw.

. Arizona-Sierra Vista . Arizona-Sierra Vista
Shooting guns and mountain biking...life is good!

. Arizona-Flagstaff . Arizona-Flagstaff
Ride Guide heads to Flagstaff Arizona to check out the desert scene.

. Arizona-Sedona . Arizona-Sedona
Dylan and Darcy ride the trails around Sedona.

. Arizona-Scottsdale . Arizona-Scottsdale
An early morning to try and beat the heat near Scottsdale.

. Croatia-Zagreb . Croatia-Zagreb
Ride Guide hooks up with Norco rider Mislav in his native Croatia.

. Croatia-Delnice . Croatia-Delnice
Mislav and Darcy ride the trails around Delnice.

. Croatia-Istria . Croatia-Istria
More Croatian riding from Istria.

. Croatia-Istria Opatija . Croatia-Istria Opatija
Mislav and Darcy end the trip on the Adriatic Sea on a trail near Opatija.

. Norco Team-Team Profile 1 . Norco Team-Team Profile 1
Ride Guide profiles the members of the Norco Factory team.

. Norco Team-Team Profile 2 . Norco Team-Team Profile 2
Norco Factory Team riders profess their love for the bikes.

. Norco Team-Jay Hoots . Norco Team-Jay Hoots
Norco rider and ambassador Jay Hoots is profiled.

. Norco Team-VPS Fest . Norco Team-VPS Fest
Norco s annual rider appreciation day from Silver Star Resort, BC.

. Idaho-Boise . Idaho-Boise
Ride Guide hits up the new bike park in Boise.

. Idaho-Scott Launch . Idaho-Scott Launch
Ride Guide checks out the Scott Launch at sun Valley.

. Idaho-Ketchum . Idaho-Ketchum
Ride Guide checks out the epic trails around Ketchum.

. Idaho-Trail Creek . Idaho-Trail Creek
Ride Guide hooks up with some locals to do a bit of rock climbing.

. East Kootenays-Creston . East Kootenays-Creston
Ride Guide heads to Creston, BC for the Goat Style Bike Festival.

. East Kootenays-Goat Style Bike Jam . East Kootenays-Goat Style Bike Jam
Goat Style finals and we take some riders on a Kokanee Beer tour.

. East Kootenays-Fernie Alpine Resort . East Kootenays-Fernie Alpine Resort
Ride Guide hits up Fernie Alpine Resort for some wicked lift access trails.

. East Kootenays-Fernie Shuttle . East Kootenays-Fernie Shuttle
Ride Guide heads down the Highway to Fernie, BC for some legendary riding.

. Northern Alberta-Hinton Bike Park . Northern Alberta-Hinton Bike Park
Jay Hoots and the Coastal Crew bring a bike park to life in Hinton, Alberta.

. Northern Alberta-Grande Prairie . Northern Alberta-Grande Prairie
Ride Guide heads to Grande Prarie, Alberta and checks out the trails at Nitehawk.

. Northern Alberta-Jasper . Northern Alberta-Jasper
Jay Hoots joins Ride Guide and checks out the trails around Jasper, Alberta.

. Colorado-Breckinridge . Colorado-Breckinridge
Ride Guide takes the boys from NSMB.com and heads to Colorado.

. Colorado-Durango . Colorado-Durango
Ride Guide checks out the trails around Durango with the boys from NSMB.com

. Colorado-Salida . Colorado-Salida
Ride Guide and NSMB.com riders check out the trails around Salida.

. Colorado-Gunnison   Crested Bute . Colorado-Gunnison Crested Bute
Ride Guide finishes the trip to Colorado in Gunnison and Crested Bute.

. Northern BC-Vanderhoof . Northern BC-Vanderhoof
Ride Guide rides the trails in Northern BC with Graham Aggasiz and Eric Lawrenuk.

. Northern BC-Fort St. James . Northern BC-Fort St. James
Eric and Graham head to Fort St. James and rip the trails.

. Northern BC-Smithers . Northern BC-Smithers
Ride Guide ends the Northern BC bike adventure in Smithers.

. Northern BC-Burns Lake . Northern BC-Burns Lake
Ride Guide heads to Burns Lake to check out the scene with Eric Lawrenuk and Graham Aggasiz.

. Bow Valley-Canmore 1 . Bow Valley-Canmore 1
Ride Guide stays close to home and checks out the riding in the Bow Valley near Calgary.

. Bow Valley-Canmore 2 . Bow Valley-Canmore 2
Ride Guide checks out more trails in Canmore and the 24 hours of Adrenalin.

. Bow Valley-Canmore   Banff . Bow Valley-Canmore Banff
Ride Guide finishes up in Canmore and heads down the road and checks out the trails in and around Banff.

. Bow Valley-Lake Louise . Bow Valley-Lake Louise
Ride Guide heads to Lake Louise and finishes up at one of the most scenic places on earth.

. Yukon-Whitehorse 1 . Yukon-Whitehorse 1
Ride Gujide heads to the Yukon with Ryan Leech from the Norco Factory Team.

. Yukon-Whitehorse 2 . Yukon-Whitehorse 2
Ride Guide checks out more of the trails around Whitehorse.

. Yukon-Carcross . Yukon-Carcross
Ride Guide hits up Carcross and Ryan gets in some trials action.

. Yukon-Sima Slamfest . Yukon-Sima Slamfest
Ride Guide heads back to Whitehorse and checks out the Sima Slamfest.

. Northern Alberta-Wells, BC . Northern Alberta-Wells, BC
Ride guide jumps across the border and checks out the trails around Wells, BC.

. Montana-Whitefish . Montana-Whitefish
Ride Guide heads to Montana to rip up the trails.

. Montana-Missoula . Montana-Missoula
Ride Guide heads to Missoula and explores the trail network.

. Montana-Big Sky . Montana-Big Sky
Ride Guide gets some lift access at Big Sky, Montana.

. Montana-Bozeman . Montana-Bozeman
Ride Guide finishes up their Montana road trip in Bozeman.

. Wales-Cwmcarn . Wales-Cwmcarn
Ride Guide heads to Wales, UK to check out some of the best trails in Europe.

. Wales-Afan Forest . Wales-Afan Forest
Wales has tons of great riding in their national forests like Afan.

. Wales-Moelfre   Llangollen . Wales-Moelfre Llangollen
Ride Guide finds the hidden gems in Wales...who knew farmers liked biking?

. Wales-Llandegla   Coed Y Brenin . Wales-Llandegla Coed Y Brenin
Ride Guide hits up two of the sickest bike parks ever in Llandegla and Coed Y Brenin.

. Okanagan-Kelowna 1 . Okanagan-Kelowna 1
Ride Guide heads to Kelowna with Norco rider Ben Boyko and rips the trails with some locals.

. Okanagan-Kelowna 2 . Okanagan-Kelowna 2
More shredding of trails from Kelowna.

. Okanagan-Merritt . Okanagan-Merritt
Ride Guide heads from Kelowna to Merritt and meets up with Wade Simmons.

. Okanagan-Penticton . Okanagan-Penticton
Ride Guide finishes up their Okanagan road trip with Wade Simmons and Ben Boyko in Penticton.

. Oregon-Hood River . Oregon-Hood River
Ride Guide heads to Hood River, Oregon with Norco rider Ben Boyko.

. Oregon-Black Rock . Oregon-Black Rock
Ride Guide hits up the trails around Black Rock, Oregon.

. Oregon-Oakridge . Oregon-Oakridge
Ride Guide checks out the trails around Oakridge, Oregon with ben Boyko and Adam Craig.

. Oregon-Bend . Oregon-Bend
Ride Guide and Ben Boyko hook up with Kirt Voreis and ride the trails around Bend, Oregon.

. Norco Commercial . Norco Commercial

. Cyprus-Oroklini . Cyprus-Oroklini
Romo and Akrigg finish up in cyprus with some DH.

. Cyprus-Paphos . Cyprus-Paphos


. Cyprus-Troodos Mountains . Cyprus-Troodos Mountains


. Cyprus-Limassol . Cyprus-Limassol


. California-Marin County . California-Marin County


. California-San Francisco . California-San Francisco


. California-Santa Cruz . California-Santa Cruz


. California-Downieville . California-Downieville


. Vancouver Island-Nanaimo . Vancouver Island-Nanaimo


. Vancouver Island-Comox Valley . Vancouver Island-Comox Valley


. Vancouver Island-Campbell River . Vancouver Island-Campbell River


. Vancouver Island-Victoria . Vancouver Island-Victoria


. Ontario-St Catharines . Ontario-St Catharines


. Ontario-Hardwood Ski   Bike . Ontario-Hardwood Ski Bike


. Ontario-Blue Mountain Resort . Ontario-Blue Mountain Resort


. Ontario-Crank the Shield . Ontario-Crank the Shield


. BC Bike Race 2010-Part 1 . BC Bike Race 2010-Part 1
2010 Race

. BC Bike Race 2010-Part 2 . BC Bike Race 2010-Part 2
2010 Race

. St. John s Part 4 . St. John s Part 4
Joe Planchat from the local bike shop takes the crew on an early morning fishing session, Ryan rides some trials down at the St. John s beach, and we wind up the trip with some whale watching.

. St. John s- Part 3 . St. John s- Part 3
The Cychotic Cycle crew shows Ryan and Jay the White Hills downhill track and the Flatrock ridge trail back into St. John s.

. St. John s- Part 2 . St. John s- Part 2
Ryan rides his trials bike on some amazing rock formations at Cape Spear and the boys check out the George Street Festival and get screeched-in .

. St. John s- Part 1 . St. John s- Part 1
Ride Guide and Norco team riders Jay Hoots and Ryan Leech explore the St. John s region of Newfoundland and get shown the best trails by the boys from Cychotic Cycles.

. Finland-Helsinki . Finland-Helsinki
Ride Guide winds up the Finland adventure in Helsinki for a sight seeing tour with Helsinki Experts, a local dirt jump session with the locals, and finshing up at urban skatepark. What a great trip to Finland.

. Finland-Yllas . Finland-Yllas
Ride Guide and the Kona crew ride a burly downhill from the summit of Yllas Resort and hang out at the Saaga Hotel.

. Finland-Levi . Finland-Levi
Grant, Joonas and Graham ride the lifts for some gravity runs at the Kona Groove Approved bike park in Levi, and dodge the reindeer on the way down.

. Finland-Pyha-Luosto . Finland-Pyha-Luosto
Ride Guide and the Kona crew kick off the Finland mountain bike adventure by flying from Helsinki to Rovaniemi up in Lapland, to ride in the Pyha-Luosto National Park and the Pyha Bike Park.

. TransAndes-Stages 5 6 . TransAndes-Stages 5 6
Stages 5 and 6 of Trans Andes Challenge in Chile.

. TransAndes-Stages 3 4 . TransAndes-Stages 3 4
Stages 3 and 4 of Trans Andes Challenge.

. TransAndes-Stages 1 2 . TransAndes-Stages 1 2
Stages 1 and 2 of the Trans Andes Challenge, starting off in the beautiful eco resort of Huilo-Huilo.

. TransAndes-Reconnaissance Mission . TransAndes-Reconnaissance Mission
Andreas goes on a reconnaissance mission in advance of the Trans Andes Challenge, gets a feel for the local Andean culture, and pre-rides the stages with Trans Andes Challenge Event Director, Juan Pablo Santiago.

. Salmon Arm, BC . Salmon Arm, BC
Ride Guide winds up the BC Epics tour in the Shuswap region of British Columbia, and Kelly and Lorraine ride the Larch Traverse and go house boating.

. Powell River, BC . Powell River, BC
Ride Guide and crew take the BC Ferries over to the Sunshine Coast to Powell River, another British Columbia adventure playground.

. Squamish, BC . Squamish, BC
Ride Guide heads down the Sea To Sky Corridor to Squamish, billed as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada , and Lorraine and Kelly meet up with Ted Tempany to ride the legendary Half Nelson and Wonderland trails and finish off the day by hoisting a pint at the Howe Sound Brewery.

. Whistler, BC . Whistler, BC
Kelly and Lorraine ride the DH trails at the Whistler Bike Park, sample the cross country trails at Lost Lake, go zip lining and even hit a round of golf.

. Petra . Petra
Hans and Dave ride ancient camel and bedouin trails around Petra.

. Wadi Mujib Reserve . Wadi Mujib Reserve
Hans and Dave visit a local farming village and in the middle of the desert and then head out into the Wadi Rum Reserve to ride ancient trails on a mountain bike for the first time.

. Wadi Rum Desert . Wadi Rum Desert
Hans and Dave go to the Wadi Rum Desert and overnight camp with the bedouins and the next day ride unique rock formations and rock bridges.

. Amman . Amman
GT Bicycles Team Riders Hans Rey and Dave Watson arrive in Jordan and explore ancient and modern parts of the Amman and Jarash before embarking on Ride Guide s 10 day Jordan adventure.

. Pennsylvania-Cumberland Valley . Pennsylvania-Cumberland Valley
Harlan and Janel travel to Cumberland Valley and Franklin County to ride the Appalachian Trail and also Michaux State Forest and Harlan wins big at the Iron Cross Cyclo Cross race.

. Pennsylvania -The Alleghenies . Pennsylvania -The Alleghenies
The 3rd stop on Harlan and Janel s PA MTB Tour is to The Alleghenies to Raystown Lake and State College to ride the Rothrock State Park.

. Pennsylvania-Philadelphia . Pennsylvania-Philadelphia
Harlan and Janel kick off their 10 day mountain bike tour through Pennsylvania and ride their home town trails outside of Philadelphia on the Wissahickon Park trails.

. Pennsylvania-The Poconos . Pennsylvania-The Poconos
Next stop, The Poconos. Harlan and Janel travel to Blue Mountain and ride the Vertical Earth Gravity Park and check out the Gravity East Race Series Final.

. Quebec-Steve Smith . Quebec-Steve Smith
Ride Guide follows Steve Smith and the Devinci Global Racing Team throughout the 4th round of the UCI World Cup at Mont Sainte Anne.

. Quebec-Mont Sainte Anne . Quebec-Mont Sainte Anne
Evan rides some Quebec gnar at Mont Sainte Anne, and we meet up with Steve Smith and George Brannigan as they prepare for the UCI World Cup.

. Quebec-Chicoutimi . Quebec-Chicoutimi
Evan Schwartz heads up to Chicoutimi with Ride Guide and goes zip trekking in St Felicien, rides some all mountain trails, and samples some local beer at the micobrewery. David from Cycles Devinci tours Ride Guide around Devinci world headquarters in Chicoutimi and show us how their bikes are made in Canada, start to finish.

. Quebec-Bromont . Quebec-Bromont
Devinci team freerider Evan Schwartz rides the DH track at Bromont with the Devinci PerformX Race Team riders Kyle Sangers and Remi Gauvin.

. Hobart - Part 2 . Hobart - Part 2
After arriving back in Hobart, Simon from Dirt Art takes the Norco crew and Ride Guide to the Clarence Muuntain Bike Park and Ryan rides trials at the summit of Mt Wellington.

. Launceston - Part 2 . Launceston - Part 2
After looking around Launceston, Rob from Dirt Art takes the crew to a sweet flowy cross country trail before heading back down to Hobart.

. Launceston - Part 1 . Launceston - Part 1
The crew head up north to Launceston, but before leaving Hobart check out the Salamanca Market and Rob from Dirt Art shows the boys the goods en route.

. Hobart - Part 1 . Hobart - Part 1
Ride Guide and the Norco Crew, Jay Hoots, Ryan Leech and Pete Stace-Smith arrive in Tasmania and spend the first day urban riding in Hobart and going to the Bonorong Wildlife Park.

. Mt Buller . Mt Buller
The Norco Boys wrap up their tour of the Great Ocean Road by stopping at the Twelve Apostles and then finish off the Australia trip with some gravity riding at Mt Buller.

. Forrest . Forrest
Jay, Ryan and Pete meet up with Jeremy from Norco Australia for a locals tour of the Forrest Mountain Bike Park and then skywalk the Otway Treetop Walk.

. Torquay - Great Ocean Road . Torquay - Great Ocean Road
The Norco crew takes a surf lesson in Torquay and then travels the Great Ocean Road in search of the best mountain bike trails at Forrest.

. Melbourne . Melbourne
The Ride Guide and Norco crew start off the Aussie road trip in Melbourne, with some urban trials by Ryan, and some sight seeing.

. Tyax Adventures . Tyax Adventures
The crew fly with Tyax Air from Vancouver to Tyax Resort, and then float plane up into the high Chilcotins for horseback assisted mountain biking with Tyax Adventures.

. Retallack . Retallack
Mason Mashon joins the crew for a heli drop at Retallack Resort near Nelson, BC.

. Nipika Resort . Nipika Resort
The crew chill out at Nipika Resort on the Kootenay River near Radium, BC.

. Island Lake Resort . Island Lake Resort
NSMB team rider Eamonn Duignan and Joel Harwood start the wilderness lodges road trip at Island Lake Resort in Fernie, BC

. Joyride 150 . Joyride 150
The Ontario road trip winds up at Scott s Joyride 150 indoor cycling centre in Markham.

. Buckwallow . Buckwallow
Scott and Cayley head over the Muskoa region and Gravenhurst to ride at the Buckwallow Cycling Centre.

. Bruce County . Bruce County
Scott and Cayley ride the Brant Tract trails in Bruce County, then overnight in yurts at Bruce Peninsula National Park.

. Laguna Beach-Part 4 . Laguna Beach-Part 4
Hans Rey invites Ride Guide to his home in Laguna, and he rides some old school trials in his front yard.

. Laguna Beach-Part 3 . Laguna Beach-Part 3
Laguna is the home of Crankbrothers, and they work with Richie on some new gear.

. Laguna Beach-Part 2 . Laguna Beach-Part 2
Richie and Hans meet up with Brian Lopes and do a shuttle run before sunset.

. Laguna Beach-Part 1 . Laguna Beach-Part 1
Richie and Hans show Holger their favorite singletrack in the hills behind Laguna.

. Punta San Carlos-Part 4 . Punta San Carlos-Part 4
Brian Lopes wraps up his skills camp with a 1200 hike up the Mesa and a bomber descent down to the Solo Sports Adventure Camp for some lobster and Baja Fogs.

. Punta San Carlos-Part 3 . Punta San Carlos-Part 3
Brian, Richie and Leigh describe the vibe and lifestyle at Kevin s SoloSports Adventure Holidays adventure camp.

. Punta San Carlos-Part 2 . Punta San Carlos-Part 2
Brian Lopes takes his campers out to the Punta San Carlos pump track, which has the most epic scenery and views and is bar none the most remote pump track in the world. Brian and Richie session a natural sandstone feature.

. Punta San Carlos-Part 1 . Punta San Carlos-Part 1
Kevin Trejo welcomes Brian Lopes, Richie Schley, Leigh Donovan and guests to Punta San Carlos and settle in at SoloSports Adventure Holidays beach front adventure camp.

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